Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mobile Phones

PhonesWhile taking this shot, I remembered not so distant past where one had to wait a couple of years (yes, you read it right, years) to get a regular telephone connection.

Interestingly, yesterday I read the following paragraphs from the book Profiles of the Future written by Arthur C. Clarke in 1962 .

"The most obvious is the personal transceiver, so small and compact that every man carries one with no more inconvenience than a wristwatch. This, of course, is an old dream. and anyone who doubts that it can be realized is simply unaware of current achievements in electronics. Radio receivers have now been built which make the most compact transistor portable look like the 1925 cabinet models. The smallest so far revealed by the micro-miniaturisation experts is about the size of a lump of sugar.

Without going into technical details (of interest largely to those who can already think of the answers) the time will come when we will be able to call a person anywhere on Earth, merely by dialing a number. He will be located automatically, whether he is in mid ocean, in the heart of a great city, or crossing the Sahara. This device aline may change the patterns of society and commerce as greatly as the telephone, its primitive ancestor, has already done."

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