Friday, April 23, 2010

Beetle on Spiral Track

Beetle on Spiral TrackLast night this Beetle flew into the no-fly zone of my home. I haven't seen much beetles in Bangalore and was little bit surprised to see one near me. So I took the next logical step - took out the camera and started to shoot. After few unsuccessful attempts to break the window glasses, the Beetle settled on the carpet. After sometime I got this shot. I thought the Beetle would traverse the spiral path. He was a bit reluctant in doing so and I tried to convince him to take the path in English, Malayalam, Hindi and in broken Kannada and French without success. May be I need to learn more languages or beetles can't hear.

Note to Animal/Beetle Rights activists : This beetle was in no way harmed during the creation of this post. However a Canon camera and a bunch of electrons were terribly inconvenienced during the process. Even though this beetle trespassed into my home, it was given a red pink carpet welcome. After the shooting session, the Beetle settled down on a transportation device made from recycled paper and was safely transported to the balcony of my home without using any fossil fuels. I here by affirm that the beetle was safe during the entire period it was in my property.

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  1. Hey ! whats happening man, you are hitting the top of ideas


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