Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Tale of a Spider

There is a long standing agreement between me and the spiders - never to step on each other. Spiders are kind of creepy, but it is not a good enough reason for me to kill them. In fact, they are very interesting creatures. For a photographers like me, they are very cooperative subjects. In the past I have photographed many spiders. Compared to butterflies, spiders are very photographer friendly and you can take all the time in the world to photograph them.

I happened to see this spider some time back in August 2009 near my home while photographing butterflies. There were about five of them in close proximity waiting for the prey to land in their web. I used to photograph them every time I go there. Unfortunately I used to delete the most of the photos of them. While looking at my photos few days back, I realized that in a span of 4 months, I have shot the same spider multiple times. Here are those shots:

Spider 1 This photo was taken sometime in August 2009. I had taken photos of this guy when he was much smaller, but unfortunately I deleted those photos.

Spider 2This was also shot at the same time as last photo.

Spider 3Our friend, sometime in September 2009.

Spider 4There is supply of food, our friend is in pretty good shape. Shot sometime in October 2009.

Spider 5Another shot, taken on the same day as previous one.

Spider 6This was how he looked when I saw him last sometime in December 2009. Shortly later, the bush in which these spiders were living were cleared for some construction work.

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